About Us

About Us

A Purrfect Mattress has become a household name in Port Charlotte, Florida for superior quality sleep products at extremely affordable rates. We are one of the leading sleep products providers in Port Charlotte, Florida known for our reliable, creative and cost-efficient products.

At A Purrfect Mattress, we believe that everyone should enjoy a healthy, restful night's sleep. We believe that if you offer a true benefit at a fair price, you will succeed in bringing to market a genuine value to the consumer. This is the philosophy behind our U.S.P. We have constructed premium, sleep systems with exceptional technology to offer our customers with great comfort, support, and durability at the value levels not found elsewhere. Our line of sleep systems adapts to the way you sleep and are made only with the top quality material. It will not cause you feel hot, yet will react to your body's temperature to mold to every contour of your body, regardless of your sleeping position. We offer a wide variety of sleep products such as water beds, mattress & pillows, futons, air beds, gel beds, latex beds, innocoil beds, storage beds, bedroom furniture, bedroom accessories and much more.

Although we appreciate the tremendous growth we’ve had in employing the power as well as the reach of the Internet, we know our huge success was built on client satisfaction and recommendations. We did all the hard work to get here — no PR stunts, no hype, no outside money, no nonsense! We only answer to our clients in Port Charlotte, Florida. Our philosophy is simple: Combine good old-fashioned client service with best sleep products offered using modern e-commerce technology. It worked!